Our experience:
– FP7 KBBE-2008-2-2-02 «Bioactive compounds in traditional food products SICA (Black Sea Region)»;
– «Scientific bases of regulation of biotechnological processes in flour systems» № 3/12 – П (2012-2014);
– «Development of scientific and technological solutions for improving and stabilizing the quality of flour products while storage and expanding their assortment» № 3/15 – П (2015-2016);
– scholarship for attending the “Summer School for Young Researchers on Horizon 2020 proposal preparation and Responsible Research and Innovation” (2017);
– «Implementation of innovative technological bases for the development of flour products with long term» № 3/18 – П (2018-2020);

Our department offers (role in the consortium):
– characterize the functional and technological properties of suggested raw-materials and study of their influence on the quality and nutritional value of finished products;
– develop wide range of bakery, pasta and confectionary products with high nutritional value without adding of synthetic improvers;
– develop technological solutions for production food products based on unusual raw-materials with high nutritional value;
– carry out investigations of products to ensure their safety, performing physical-chemical, microbial and sensorial controls;
– network of SMEs and larger enterprises as the platform for carrying out research and innovation activities.